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08 November 2010 @ 02:48 pm
Dream about Dr. Lecter  
Oh, I had such a wonderful dream today!!! Gotta put it down, don't wanna forget the feeling)))

There were only me and Dr. Lecter (looking like Anthony Hopkins). I don't remember what happened before, just this one scene:

I remember standing in the doorway, looking him in the eyes and not wanting to let him go. But it's time for him to leave. We look at each other for quite a while before he stretches his hands out and puts them around me, tracing the line of my rib on my back. I shiver. He asks if I felt it. I say yes. My heart is beating way too fast. But I'm not scared. Then he embraces me, the side of his face against mine. Lingering. He puts an open mouthed kiss on my cheek. For a moment (no words spoken) he threatens to eat my face off like he ate  that nurse's.  I feel his teeth on my skin, the image of her bloody face  flies before my closed eyes but I do not flinch. I enjoy the connection we share. He seems satisfied, he smiles and presses his lips to my cheek ever so softly. Like this we stand. There is so much tenderness in the moment. 
I feel warm and safe in the arms of a maniac.
In love with a monster.

The dream was sooo realistic and emotional, I can still feel what I felt standing there ^^ It made my day!)
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Indie13th_indie on November 8th, 2010 12:44 pm (UTC)
oh yeah!!! this scene is still in my head and I keep re-playing it all over again and again in my mind)))

I'm reading "Hannibal" right now ;)